Harrow Mencap is the primary campaigning organisation and the leading voice and provider of personalised services for people with learning disablities in Harrow. 

We work with over 500 people each year offering a lifetime of personalised care and support from childhood through to older age.

We run a number of grant funded projects promoting inclusion, participation and community engagement.  We support people with learning disabilities, helping them to speak up on issues ranging from welfare reform, health, transport, voting and housing. 

Involving people is at the heart of the way we work.  People who use our services feel a strong sense of ownership because they are involved at all levels of service provision and provision.  We are passionate about enabling people to have their voices heard and become active citizens.

Our Values :

  • We believe that everyone should be valued equally, listened to and included.
  • We believe in listening to and supporting people to make choices about how they live their lives
  • We believe that we should also listen to families, friends and other carers.
  • We believe in listening to, supporting and developing our staff and volunteers.
  • We believe in trying new and different ways to support people and to make our services better.

Our Aims:

  • To challenge and campaign for the rights of people with learning disabilities, autism and their families.
  • To help and inspire people to have a great life and fulfil their needs and aspirations.
  • To provide outstanding services that are Value for Money.
  • To advocate for and respond to change
  • To work with other organisations who share our values.