Support & Wellbeing Information Service Harrow (SWISH)

You can find out more about SWISH and the 5 ways to wellbeing on our easy read fact sheets by following the links below:

An introduction to the five ways of wellbeing

1. Connect fact sheet

2. Be active fact sheet

3. Take notice fact sheet

4. Keep learning fact sheet

5. Give fact sheet

Both Brendan and Charlotte have received specialised information and support from SWISH check out their videos below to hear their thoughts:

Who is the service for?

SWISH is for anyone in Harrow aged 18 years and over who wants information or advice about local support services and ways to keep safe and well. The service is also open to staff in local organisations.

What do we offer?

We can offer information and advice about a wide range of services, including; how to keep fit and well, manage finances, join social groups, look for work, start a course, access help with housing or welfare benefits, apply for a personal budget, meals on wheels or care at home.


How can you contact the service?

Open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

020 8423 7382 Harrow Mencap

020 8515 7867 Single point of access 


Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]



We can help you find services which offer:

• Legal advice

• Welfare benefits casework (e.g. completing applications or appeals)

• Housing casework (e.g. completing applications or appeals)

• Debt advice

• Independent financial advice or regulated financial advice

• Advocacy


About the Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 introduced huge changes to social care services and many new rights for local residents,

including a right to information about types of care and how to access them. Please visit

to find out more about this service and download the service referral form.


How the service is funded

This service has been commissioned by Harrow Council to provide a local Care Act 2014 Information

& Advice Service.


Support & Wellbeing Information Service Harrow (SWISH)

Harrow Community Action (HCA), a consortium of local voluntary organisations, is running this exciting

service with five local charities. You can contact these SWISH specialist information & advice services

directly, if you prefer:

Age UK Hillingdon, Harrow & Brent     

Tel: 020 861 7980 / email: [email protected]


Harrow Association of Disabled People (HAD)     

 Tel: 020 8861 9920 / Textphone: 07985 244 177        


Harrow Carers                                                       

Tel: 020 868 5224 / email: [email protected]

Harrow Mencap                                                 

Tel: 020 8423 7382 / email: [email protected]


Mind in Harrow                                                         

Tel: 020 8426 0929 / email: [email protected]