When Sebastian joined Skill Up in October 2016, he was a very shy young man. When asked what he wanted to gain from joining Skill Up, his honest answer was to simply gain friends, a common desire at his age. 

More than a year later and Sebastian is fully involved in the project and exudes confidence. The day does not begin until we all see his beaming smile. Not only has he made friends for the day at Skill Up, but he has made friends for life. During a recent wellbeing workshop Sebastian said, ‘Since joining Skill Up I now have 5 friends and it feels so good’

He makes people laugh, feel involved and is a total gentleman. Sebastian has become a leader, to the other young adults in the group. They regularly seek him out for advice and support which all of which he takes in his stride.

Sebastian is a pleasure to be around and has the potential to do great things in his life. Skill Up has provided the tools for him to gain new skills and build confidence in a fun and creative environment and he is growing into a wonderful and independent man.