Come along and join Pals @ Pinner Green

A support group for parents and carers

What we offer

  • To meet up informally and chat to other parents/carers - time to socialize and relax from your caring role
  • To support one another by sharing ideas and experiences
  • Professional advice from invited speakers
  • To support Harrow Mencap day services and work together to organise family and social events

We meet on Tuesdays 10.30am - 12.30pm, once a month at

Pinner Green

25-29 Pinner Green

Pinner Road


A Parents personal view:

"Pals @ PinnerGreen was started as a place where parents of children (now young adults!) attending the Harrow Mencap Day Services could meet other parents and share their experiences.  However, it very quickly became so much more ....

Parents initially described a range of experiences, sometimes challenging, but also sometimes rewarding and amusing - the stress of having a son or daughter who wakes up in the early hours, finding it very difficult to get back to sleep, the joy of the sudden learning by their son or daughter of a new skill right out of the blue, the listening to numerous replays of "Alice in Wonderland" in different languages! Then, we became bolder, and one parent described the dark, 3am moments when she would wonder what would happen to her daughter if she, as the sole carer, was no longer around.  This opened the doors to other parents joining in and voicing something similar that they had previously kept bottled up.

Practical issues arise regularly, and parent-to parent advice has proved very illuminating and useful.  In addition, knowledgeable professionals have been invited along which has resulted in the resolution of a variety of caring problems for parents.

Finally, meeting other parents can remind you that your worries and concerns are not unique to you, but universal - this can be both a release and a comfort ...."

The group is facilitated by Trisha Penfold.

Would you be interested in joining Pals @ Pinner Green ?

Please contact: Emerson Harrowell, Day Services Manager

Tel: 020 88664121

email: [email protected]

Next Meeting

At our meeting on 29th June, carers presented Emerson Harrowell, Day Services Manager and the Pinner Green Team with a special Certificate of Achievement in appreciation of the high quality day services provided at Pinner Green.