The government have allocated funds to local councils in the form of a Hardship grant to support residents financially impacted by the Coronavirus.

Harrow council’s Hardship Fund provides emergency financial support where alternatives are not available to an individual or household.

You can apply if you meet the conditions on this checklist:

  • Are you a Harrow resident?
  • Have you got no money, or are you expecting to run out of money (including savings) in the next week?
  • Is your financial situation as a result of the coronavirus e.g. you have lost your job or self-employed income because the business/employer you worked for has closed due to coronavirus restrictions?
  • Is there anyone else who can assist you?
  • Have you not got, or are you very short of:
    • Food; or
    • Gas, electricity, water; or
    • Urgent prescription/medicine (and unable to afford to pay where they are not exempt); or
    • Other essential items; or
    • Are you struggling to pay this month's council tax instalment and are you in receipt of council tax support?

If you meet all of the above then they should complete an online Hardship Fund application. 

Click the link below for:

Applications can be made online but if you are unable to submit an online application you can call Harrow Council on 0208 901 2698.