The newest version of the health passport was introduced by the learning disability nurse for north west London Chloe Donovan at the end of last year (2018).

The health passport helps people with learning disabilities to be more independent and comfortable when visiting the hospital or GP.

Health passports make your visits to the hospital or GP easier because they contain your medical information which helps the doctor or nurse treat you as best as they can.

You should update your health passport every 6 months.

Anyone can help you to complete your health passport such as your carer, parent or guardian.

The new health passport is colour coded like a traffic light:

The red part is for things the hospital or GP must know about you.

The yellow part is for things that are important to you.

The green part is things that you like or dislike.

You can download your own health passport by clicking here.

Please watch our short video for more information:

If you have any questions please contact:

Learning Disability Nurse Chloe Donovan on [email protected]

Harrow Mencap Participation Manager Jordan Creed  on 07496 494379 or [email protected].