Community events have been at the centre of the Connecting Communities Programme for years.

The team run the events in connection with different partners such as faith groups, care homes and other local organisations.

Sessions include:

  • Informative talks
  • Discussions with local MPs and councillors
  • Musical performances
  • Lunches
  • Tea clubs and coffee mornings

We are proud to have been able to continue some community events during the Covid-19 pandemic and have been taking great care to ensure our guests can enjoy them safely in line with government guidelines.

For more information contact the Connecting Communities Manager Jeremy Child on 07734 955115 or email us on [email protected].

Long-term volunteer Andrew, regularly takes photos and helps organise Connecting Communities activities, he says the events are: 

Jovial. The events are lively. There’s no animosity, we all get on together. We welcome people with open arms.