Brexit and You Workshop

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April 27, 2021
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April 27, 2021

We are proudly leading the way in Harrow and nationally in making sure disabled people and carers’ voices are heard in the Brexit process.

We gladly joined five MPs from different parties on the 12th of March in parliament to discuss how Brexit could affect disabled people and carers at our Brexit and You workshop event.

Different MPs including Conservative MPs Bob Blackman and Sir Roger Gale, Labour MPs Catherine West and Steve McCabe and Scottish National Party MP Dr Lisa Cameron took turns explaining their views to our guests.

They spoke about different subjects including their opinions about whether Britain will be richer or poorer after Brexit, the potential loss of EU funding for charities that support disabled people in the UK and the need for individuals, organisations and politicians to work together to make sure disabled people are listened to in the Brexit process.

Steve McCabe was concerned about the economic impact of Brexit, saying
“People did not vote to be poorer or worse off.”
Bob Blackman said that because Britain will no longer have to contribute to the EU budget
“Britain will have more money after Brexit.”
We were also happy to be joined by Sue Bolt CBE from Disability Rights UK who spoke about the organisation’s Brexit aims. She said
“We’re not for or against Brexit, we just want a fair Brexit ... we want fairness, equality and justice for disabled people.”

A group of our volunteers, ambassadors and clients gave a presentation on different issues affecting disabled people in the Brexit process. Some of these were:

Our guests got into groups to discuss the issues and explain their own frustrations, worries and hopes about the Brexit.

One guest said:
“I am really worried about getting medical care when I am abroad, I don’t think I will get that anymore.”
Another added:
“I am living with my parents, but I want to live independently. I’m worried that after Brexit the cost of living will go up and I won’t be able to live away from home with a group of my friends.”

Some of our team members shared their feedback about the event afterwards.

Charlotte said:
“It was so amazing, I enjoyed it. I liked the debating about Brexit and how we want to change things the most. My biggest concern about Brexit is employment and benefits. My message to disabled people is speak out, your voice must be heard on Brexit.”
David said:
“The Brexit workshop was very good. If there is a No Deal Brexit, the government has said there will be a new budget for the country. I am happy about this because it means we will leave the EU fully.”

The event was a huge success, well done to our Participation manager Jordan Creed and all our brilliant presenters.