At Harrow Mencap, we are immensely proud of our staff, who have worked tirelessly to support clients, carers and families throughout the pandemic on both a face-to-face and remote basis.

With all the amazing work going on, we decided to share a story about an outstanding support worker of ours, AKA "Super Susan!"

Susan works between our Care Agency and Pinner Green Day Opportunities services. She has gone above and beyond to support clients through these difficult times in a variety of ways.

Susan says:

Covid-19 has pushed me in all directions, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and my clients. I hope that I’ve enhanced their lives and given them some laughs along the way. For me, happiness is helping others.

Susan has played a leading role in offering both face-to-face and online services to meet different client needs.

Face-to-face support

She has worked incredibly hard to improve clients’ mental health while providing face-to-face support. In order to do this, Susan has been running a socially distanced support group with five clients. She encourages the group to talk about how they are feeling, their concerns and then offers them reassurance.

Susan has regularly come up with new activities and funny games to make sure her clients don’t focus too much on the pandemic. For example challenges such as eating a biscuit with a knife and fork, dressing up and treasure hunts. In addition, she has played an important role in facilitating our new Supper Club activities, which allow clients to cook and eat a safe, enjoyable evening meal with their friends at the centre.  

(Susan supporting our client Chris during the Supper Club)

In her role providing domiciliary care, she has continued to go over and above by offering one-to-one support to two clients in a day, rather than one. This has sometimes meant she’s had to take 6 bus journeys for work in one day. During this time, she has placed an emphasis on making clients laugh and keeping them optimistic.

Online support

Susan was also deeply concerned about the clients who were shielding, self-isolating, or who could not come to our Pinner Green Activity Centre as usual for any other reason.

To make sure these clients and families could still have support, she worked on videos offering remote access wellbeing and mental health support to clients, reminding them about the importance of sleep, staying hydrated, going out for walks and eating healthily, as well as giving them morale boosting messages. 

She also supported clients remotely by preparing videos of easy arts and crafts projects to do at home.

Thank you Susan and all the other amazing staff for having played such an important role in supporting our community during these incredibly difficult times. Harrow Mencap wouldn't be the same without you.