Nikhit has been engaging with Harrow Mencap since January 2019.

He has been enjoying various opportunities on our Skill Up support programme, including employability training, life skills classes and social activities. In his time with us. Nikhit has been regularly attending Friday employment day sessions where participants learn how to prepare CVs and get ready for job interviews.

We were delighted to find out that Nikhit has found a new job and that interview requests are still coming in. We sat down with Nikhit to find out more about his new role. 

We wish Nikhit all the best as he starts his new career and look forward to still seeing him at our social events.

Can you tell us about your new job?

I’ve got a job as an apprentice at a nursery in Kingsbury. I’ll be helping the children, doing activities with them, observing them and also getting a qualification from it as well.

Is that something you always wanted to do?

I’ve had some experience working with kids before, so I wanted to carry on.

How did getting a job make you feel?

It was overwhelming, as I’d been waiting to start working for a long time.

How did Harrow Mencap support you in finding and preparing for work?

Harrow Mencap helped me boost my confidence and to make new friends, that social interaction was really helpful. Natashia from Skill Up was great at helping me to apply for jobs and finding the right job sites.

What would you say to people who think that someone with a learning disability shouldn’t work?

I think people with a learning disability should work because all employers should take into account that people with a learning disability can work just as well and probably even better than someone without a disability.