We are incredibly proud of our Skill Up clients who have been taking the lead in educating people about Autism and Learning Disabilities by running a training workshop for our staff and volunteers.

Three of our clients have been running both morning and evening sessions with a variety of learning techniques and outcomes. The trio have been improving their public speaking, presenting and teaching skills.

The presenters used different methods to test the guests' knowledge about learning disabilities and autism including a PowerPoint presentation, group discussions, mind maps and role playing activities.

The role play helped to demonstrate that people with learning disabilities can sometimes struggle with to do everyday tasks that people without learning disabilities take for granted. 

However, our presenters also showed that their learning disabilities had not stopped them from making plenty of their own outstanding achievements.

These achievements included making speeches and presentations in Parliament which none of our guests had done before, and learning to drive which many of our guests also did not have.

Our presenters had this to say:


It was really good, looking forward to doing it again, and  working on how it can be next time! 


I felt it went really well, and I feel like I am more confident now after a few times of presenting the training. I would definitely love to do it again, it was fun.