Staff and clients from our Skill Up service made a splash at a "Play Holi in the City" event.

Three clients accompanied by our Community Support Facilitator Natashia enjoyed covering each other in powdered paint while celebrating Holi, the South Asian festival of colour.

The group traveled all the way to Liverpool Street in Central London to get involved in the Holi event in a special party pod at the Cinnamon Kitchen Restaurant.

The group put on jump suits to keep their clothes clean and went into to the pod to get messy! 

The group spent an afternoon of fun throwing powdered paint all over each other. Our members Pritesh and Hinal both really enjoyed Holi.

Pritesh had this to say about his time:

We were throwing colours around, I enjoyed throwing them all. It was a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed throwing colours at Natashia. Holi was one of my favourite activities, I would go again.

Hinal also shared her thoughts, she said:

The Holi festival was so fun. I threw paint all over Pritesh. I was dancing to the music while I was throwing the colours it was really fun. I want to do it again next year. I would like to take more people along next time.