In the lead up to Halloween, clients and staff from Skill Up and Cedars enjoyed a late night, scary attraction and roller coaster-filled spooky adventure at one of Thorpe Park's Fright Night events. 

A group of 7 thrill-seeking clients and 5 Harrow Mencap staff travelled all the way to Chertsey in the late evening as part of Skill Up's "Up All Night" club activities.

The crew had a fantastic time and fearlessly covered most of the park's scariest rides. 

The clients were keen to go on the wildest roller coasters, they were definitely braver than the staff who got goose bumps!

One member of the Harrow Mencap group said:

It was a thrilling first time on a roller coaster for me, it was brilliant to be that close to the clouds and see the sky from so high up. I loved spending time at Thorpe Park, it was one of my best and spookiest nights out for sure.

The clients enjoyed scaring each other as they walked through the smoky pathways with life-like dead bodies hanging.

The group also had fun with the terrifying disaster displays including crashed planes and upside down ambulances and flipped over trucks.

They ended the night with smiles on their faces, doughnuts, coffee and a lot of creepy tales to share.

We can't wait to come back next year!