We have been producing an "Active at Home" tutorial video series for clients and their families to enjoy while social distancing.

The videos include activities such as gardening, cooking and arts and crafts.

1. Active at Home with Pinner Green Art Class - Leaf art

Our first video is an art Class, led by Manisha from our Pinner Green Activity Centre.

Manisha can teach you how to do leaf art:

2. Active at Home with Pinner Green: Manic Monday Monday 20 April

We have put together a fun collection of client photos to make sure everyone can still see their friends while social distancing.

3. Active at Home with Pinner Green: Art class - Dog Art Tuesday 21 April

This week Manisha is going to teach you how to draw a dog by using your hand as a template!

4. Active at home with Cedars - Gardening with Mick Wednesday 22 April

Join Mick from Cedars as he de-heads some garden plants!

5. Active at Home with Pinner Green - 30 minute Chair Yoga with Jodie Wednesday 22 April

Get in your chair and get comfortable for some stretching to help you feel calm and relaxed. This is a gentle yoga practice so please do not strain yourself.

6. Active at Home with Pinner Green - Throwback Thursday 23 April

Looking back at some of our happy memories at Pinner Green.

7. Active at Home - Cooking with Hannah - Chocolate Rice Crispie Cakes Friday 24 April

Join Hannah in the kitchen as she makes simple chocolate Rice Crispie cakes that you can make at home.

8. Active at Home - Singing with Barbara Monday 27 April

How lucky we are to have Barbara singing into our homes....please join in with all your favourite songs.

9. Active at Home - Art with Manisha: NHS poster Tuesday 28 April

Join Manisha again, this time to celebrate our NHS workers are making a colourful posters to say Thank you NHS!

10. Active at Home - Throwback Thursdays 30 April

Our second installment of photos from the past for you to enjoy.

11. Active at Home - Manic Monday 4th May

Another Manic Monday of photos for you to enjoy.

12. Active at Home - Art with Susan- Hedgehogs  Tuesday 5th May

This week Susan teaches us how to make little hedgehogs out of pine cones.

13. Active at Home - Music with Alan  Wednesday 6th May

14. Active at Home - Thursday throwback  Thursday 7th May

15. Active at Home - DJ Pearse  Friday 8th May

16. Active at Home - Manic Monday  11th May

17. Active at Home - Pinner Green's toilet roll fail  Tuesday 12th May 

18. Active at Home - Remembering Holidays  Wednesday 13th May

19. Active at Home - Thursday Throwbacks 14th May

20. Active at Home - Music with Alan #2  Friday 15th May

21. Active at Home - Manic Monday  Monday 18th May

22. Active at Home - 5 Minute Loving Kindness Meditation  Monday 18th May

23. Active at Home - How are you feeling?  Tuesday 19th May

24. Active at Home - Throwback Thursday  21st May

25. Active at Home - Sing along with Barbara #2  Thursday 21st May

26. Active at Home - How I Love You  Friday 22nd May

27. Active at Home - Tray game with Susan  Tuesday 26th May

More videos coming soon!