Our Connecting Communities team have been stopping social isolation during the coronavirus lockdown.

Connecting Communities have been running their regular events through live phone-ins.

The team reached out to over 50 people in the first 2 weeks alone.

Sessions have helped clients and volunteers to keep in touch and even re-connect with friends who now live in residential care and others who have moved away.

Sessions have included discussions with local councillors, quizzes, musical performances, informative talks and casual chats.

If you would like to see other way that we are supporting people during the coronavirus lockdown please click here.


We have even made new partnerships to ensure a more varied programme of entertainment. We have enjoyed establishing a relationship with the musical theatre company Drama Spectrum.

Drama Spectrum teachers Ellie, James and Lindsey have been performing a variety of show tunes during our sessions.

Ellie who trained in musical theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland said:

It’s been a pleasure for us to sing for Harrow Mencap. I have a lot of experience with inclusive theatre activities, and find it encouraging to support charities who share these values.

Drama Spectrum have also sent us a special performance video below for everyone to enjoy:

Connecting Communities have also been delighted to welcome former colleagues and volunteers who no longer live locally or who now live in residential care during their phone-ins. 

For example, the team enjoyed catching up with our former fundraiser Emma Foss who has moved to Norfolk.

The team have also been supporting people at risk of isolation in the community with their befriending programme, including older people and those with mental health needs.

The team also did a special phone-in for Carers Week 2020 by inviting our Trustee Hazel Paterson who is  the Headteacher at Kingsley High School and regularly supports carers.

Hazel enjoyed engaging during the call, she said:

It was great to participate in the connecting communities call. It was a good discussion.

Our Connecting Communities team received some great feedback: