We held a workshop on friendship and relationships for people with additional needs on the 30th of January at the Red Brick Cafe in Wealdstone.

This was the first event of our campaign to address loneliness among people with learning disabilities and other additional needs since our Forum last November. 

Loneliness now affects many people in Britain and especially people who have additional needs.

The main aim of our workshop was to deal with this problem by helping people with additional needs to build meaningful friendships and relationships in their community.

The event was important for health and well-being reasons because friendships and relationships can greatly improve a person's quality of life.

Our guests at the event had discussions about why relationships are important, how to stay safe in a relationship and what makes a relationship or friendship healthy.

We also gave our guests a chance to meet new people and chat about different subjects. Each guest learned at least 3 things about someone else to find out if they shared any interests or hobbies with another guest.

We are delighted with the event and are planning to host more workshops on friendship and relationships in the future.