We are planning to ask our clients how they feel about Harrow Mencap . We want to know what you like about our services and what you feel we could improve.

Some of our questions for you to think about are: 

1. How much do you like Harrow Mencap (Up to 5 faces!)

2. Have you made friends at Harrow Mencap?

                   Yes                               No


3. What is the best thing about Harrow Mencap?


4. Are Harrow Mencap staff friendly and helpful?

                   Yes                              No

5. What else would you like to do at Harrow Mencap?


6. What does Harrow Mencap need to get better at?


7. Would you tell other people to come to Harrow Mencap?

                     Yes                              No

8. Would you like to come to evening or weekend activities at Harrow Mencap?

                     Yes                              No


9. Is there anything else you would like to say about Harrow Mencap?


If you are a client and you want to answer these questions, please click here.

You can ask a carer, family member, or support worker if you need some help.