We are proud to announce that our former client Glen Palmer has joined our staff team.

Glen will now be working with us as both a sessional support worker with our Children and Young People’s Services and a driver. We sat down with Glen for a chat about how he got to this point.

1. What kind of work will you be doing with Harrow Mencap?

A: I’ll be doing a bit of driving and a bit of support

2. Which services is that with?

A: I’ve done a bit of support work with Children’s Services,
but I don’t know which service I’ll be driving for

3. How long have you been driving for?

A: I’ve been driving for about 4 years now.

4. What’s the furthest you’ve ever driven?

A: I’ve driven to Wales, it was in my first year of driving, I took my mum, my auntie and my cousin.

5. Would you like to drive a group of Harrow Mencap clients to Wales one day?

A: Yeah! My ambition is to get my D1 licence to drive a 17-seater minibus, so I could take a bigger group

6. How do you feel about starting to drive for us?

A: I can’t wait, it’s another challenge for me now.

7. What challenges do you think you will overcome
as a driver for us?

A: Getting used to a bigger vehicle.

8. How does driving make you feel?

A: I enjoy it, I couldn’t wait to get my licence so I
wouldn’t have to go on the buses anymore.

9. Did you always want to work with cars?

A: Cars are my passion, I collect model vehicles.

10. What would you say to a person with a learning
disability who is trying to learn how to drive?

A: Carry on doing it, that’s what I did.