Dear clients and family members,

Coronavirus Update

As you are aware, we are in unprecedented times given the current situation we find ourselves in. Supporting your families and loved ones in this climate is our highest priority although fraught with uncertainties especially with the daily changes to the Government’s strategy and approach to managing this crisis. 

I am writing to keep you informed of our response to the situation and to reiterate that we will endeavour to do everything we can to continue to support all our clients and families so that their daily lives whilst disrupted are manageable and people are not too isolated.

Given the nature of our organisation and the services we provide the majority of our staff are listed as Key Workers. As such, we will continue to run our services but on a flexible and individual basis to respond to your specific needs. This may mean a completely different offer.

Please contact the manager of the current service that is supporting your family member if you wish to discuss and explore.

All clients, families and staff are being asked to follow the Government’s guidelines regarding social distancing under certain circumstances self-isolation (if you or your family have coronavirus symptoms, which are a new persistent dry cough or fever of 38c or more).

For further information and advice on the coronavirus and what we are doing to address it, please check our website where we will be posting regular updates. 

Please be reassured that we will continue to offer support in whatever way we can.

Yours sincerely,

Deven Pillay

Chief Executive and Company Secretary