Our Connecting Communities team hosted a lively presentation and discussion about Brexit and learning disabilities at one of their weekly Tuesday lunches at St John the Baptist Church on Sheepcote Road.

Connecting Communities volunteer David and Harrow Mencap Ambassador Charlotte gave speeches about different ways that Brexit could affect people with a learning disability.

The issues they talked about included:

  • How Brexit could lead to NHS and social care staff shortages. 
  • How people with a learning disability could lose their right to claim benefits abroad.
  • How people with a learning disability could lose support from the EU which has helped stop workplace discrimination against them and helped them to find work.
  • How a no deal Brexit could lead to a new budget that will impact public services.

After the presentation, the pair started a question and answer session, and discussion with the audience to find out their views on a no deal Brexit, Theresa May's deal with the EU and a second referendum. The audience shared a variety of opinions and enjoyed the event thoroughly.