Our Connecting Communities team marked the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day on 8th May during their phone-in activity sessions.

Over 30 people engaging over the telephone and having fun.

The sessions started at 2 pm with our volunteer Ron who gave a talk about World War 2 and Celebrations on VE Day.  Ron shared a variety of interesting facts and information that many participants had never heard before.

We are looking him back when we can meet in person again. Everybody was fascinated with their History lesson and wanted to carry on.

The group also listened to Winston Churchill's famous VE Day speech.

After his talk Ron followed up with some great local photos from during the Second World War for the group to enjoy.


Another volunteer, DJ John followed from 3 pm with an hour-long session of music and memories from the war years with over 10 participants. 

These songs included wartime songs such as "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn. The group had a lot of fun singing along.

(Vera Lynn singing in 1941)

At 4 pm our dedicated volunteer ended the celebrations with a special and challenging 20 Question Quiz for the occasion. The questions were tough but very Educational and the group learned widely from it.

The team also enjoyed hosting Lorna, another long-standing volunteer who was able to participate from her nursing home. She also taught the group more about the war as well.

The participants enjoyed the sessions and gave some very positive feedback. 

Rupa said:

It was an absolutely fantastic session, I really enjoyed it.