We regret to announce that we are suspending our community shopping project for older and at risk Harrow residents until further notice.

The high levels of need have led us to re-think our approach so that we can deliver support more effectively going forward.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of as many people in our community as we can, but we are also committed to ensuring that the needs of those we are supporting are met in as high quality a manner as possible in line with our organisation’s values. As such we will be re-visiting our strategy on this project with a view to resumption at a later date.

We are also continuing to look into other new ways for our organisation to benefit the people of Harrow during these trying times brought on by the coronavirus.

Please note that the suspension does not apply to any of our other community support services including Children and Young People’s Services, Skill Up, Pinner Green and Harrow Activity Centres, Cedars Day Opportunities and our Care Agency. All these services are continuing to provide support to our clients and their families with adjustments to meet individual circumstances where necessary.