We are proudly leading the way in Harrow and nationally in ensuring people with learning disabilities and the people who care for them are heard in the Brexit process.

In June we held 2 different “Brexit and You” events providing people with a learning disability the chance to engage with decision-makers and the people who represent them and to learn about Britain’s exit from the European Union and how it will affect them.

We were delighted to host two local MPs, the Labour MP for Harrow West Gareth Thomas and the Conservative MP for Harrow East Bob Blackman at these community events.

We were glad to be joined by Conservative Councillor for Hatch End John Hinkley, the Brexit Party European Parliament candidate for London Alka Sehgal Cuthbert and the Green Party council candidate for Willesden Green William Relton who contributed to the discussion with Bob Blackman.

Members of the audience including our volunteers, ambassadors and clients also took part in lively discussions and question and answer sessions at both events.

They spoke about different issues affecting disabled people in the Brexit process. 

Some of these were:

      • The right to live, claim benefits and travel freely in EU countries.

      • The economic impact of Brexit. 

      • The importance of democracy.

      • The possibility of a second referendum.