A carer's assessment is for adult carers of adults (over 18years) who are disabled, ill or elderly.  it is an opportunity to discuss with the local council what support or services you need.  The assessment will look at how caring affects your life, including for example physical, mental and emotional needs and whether you are able or willing to carry on caring.

If you and the person you care for agree a combined assessment of both your needs can be carried out at the same time. 

As a carer you should be offered an assessment by Harrow Council, Adult Services department.  if you have not been offered one, you should contact them by phone, in writing or on-line and ask for a carers assessment or for a review of your support plan (if it has been a year since your last one, or less than a year but your circumstances have changed.  If you want to, you can ask for an assessment before you take up your caring role.