We had a very full and very exciting Learning Disability Week here at Harrow Mencap.  Our theme was Here I Am and the whole week was about increasing visibility for learning disability.  

On Monday 19th June we were in the town centre in Harrow talking to the public.  We had our very own Speaker's Corner with people talking about the issues that were important to them.  Hinal used the opportunity to say: 

'It is important for people with learning disabilities to get their annual health checks.

There should be more disabled access in public places.

People should be nicer to people with disabilities when they see them out and about.  And if you see something happening, tell someone.'

On Tuesday 20th June our young people's project Skill Up were back in the town centre in the morning.  All the young adults took to the microphone to express what they believe LD Week is about and what it means to them to have a disability.

Later in the day the Children's Service were out giving away candy floss to members of the public and talking to them about learning disability.

On Wednesday we had our forum at North Harrow Methodist Church, we had workshops on employment, dreams/goals and identity.

Then on Thursday a first for Harrow Mencap, a fashion show!  More pictures can be found here 

Finally, on Friday we teamed up with London Sovereign who took us on a bus tour around the borough of Harrow.

All in all it was an amazing (and exhausting!) week.  Thank you to everyone who helped out, took part, said hi and helped spread the word.  Roll on next year!