Harrow Mencap are proud to have teamed up with the Breaking Bread Trust to deliver free hot meals and food parcels to people who are at risk, vulnerable or isolated in the community during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Breaking Bread Trust was originally founded to provide food bank and soup kitchen support as well as access to other services for people in need.

However, as the coronavirus lockdown began, the trust adapted by partnering with charities and local restaurants including Taste of Lahore and Desi Dabha to supply hot nutritious food directly to the community.

(A vegetable biryani meal ready to be delivered)

At Harrow Mencap we are pleased to be working with the trust as a part of this initiative, and our staff and volunteers have actively been taking food to clients, carers and others in the community who need them. The project has been particularly helpful for many of our clients who have high needs or underlying conditions that put them in the "at risk" category.

Around 17 of our staff and volunteers are working together to deliver 50 meals 3 times a week along with food bank parcels on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. In around 6 weeks our team have brought over 900 meals directly to people's homes.

(Harrow Mencap staff and volunteers getting ready to deliver the meals)

Nadeem Hussain, a Trustee at the Breaking Bread Trust has been impressed with our contribution to the scheme. He said:

We at The Breaking Bread Trust are proud to be able to support Harrow Mencap in the vital work that they do looking after some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

(Staff at Taste of Lahore preparing a variety of food)

Talha Junaid, the HR Director at Taste of Lahore also said:

It has been a great pleasure for Taste of Lahore, to partner with the Breaking Bread Trust and Harrow Mencap during this difficult time of uncertainty. We have been truly honoured to provide free meals, we felt that donating food would be the best way to support the community in this time of need. We felt that giving back to the community gave us a sense of purpose and the feeling of giving back and making vital contributions to society is unparalleled for us. We hope to continue giving back, in the future and make generous contributions where it is possible for us to do so.

We would like to also say a special thanks to the NHS for their heroic efforts in dealing with the biggest challenge the NHS has ever faced. We have great confidence in the NHS and its staff.

We are also pleased to announce that this project even received coverage on BBC Radio London's Make a Difference segment on the Drivetime show with Eddie Nestor.

You can listen to the segment on YouTube by clicking the link below: