We are all still buzzing from yesterday’s wonderful Forum.  It was all change with a completely different format and set up for the day.  We ran three workshops all around the theme of confidence and assertiveness.  The workshops looked at communication, our dreams and goals and how to assert yourself. 

Everything was planned from beginning to end by our wonderful forum planning committee and Shaftesbury School’s sixth form class.  Shaftesbury students even helped run the workshop that they had planned.

The Skill Up crew cooked and served an amazing vegetable curry for lunch which everybody loved.

Everyone enjoyed the new format.  Some of the feedback we got:

Saqib ‘‘I enjoyed it, I like it, to be confident, it helps with my confidence.”

Harry, "It was great."

Zeenat, "It was good, I just liked the activities.  I liked the activity for cards. And doing the drama.”

David, "I think it went very well today."

"It was good, everyone going around interacting with others.  And that curry was nice!"

John Hersov from TfL Valuing People said, "It’s been really good I went to both workshops and the first one was about thinking about barriers in our lives and things that perhaps stop us from doing things or perhaps stop us people from listening to us and all sorts of things and what was nice was we had some tasks to do but also there was very good support from different people in the room for individuals who might need a bit of extra help.   I think a lot of people got a chance to give their views.  And then the second session with the communication without words was very interesting to be part of."

We can’t wait to build and grow from this forum to our next one in June during Learning Disability Week.  If you want to get involved and join the planning committee please let us know.  We are always looking to get as many people involved as we can in putting on this fantastic event.


A massive thank you and well done to everyone involved!

All photos courtesy of Stephen Cassidy.